Completely cracked!
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
- AM I nuts?  Yes, I am. 
While walking and thinking  today, I came up with a silly idea...

"If love is the glue that holds the world together...

and if Gorilla Glue is the strongest adhesive...

then would we sometimes be better off applying some tough love keep it all together?"  

Turning this thought around in my imagination, I considered posting a comment about Gorilla Glue on facebook, and I said out loud to myself, “Why not?  I’ll roll with it.”  

Then walking
back home up Dalehill Drive, I noticed a squirrel sitting still beneath a fence and chewing on something.  Seeing me staring, it turned and darted off.

Minutes later, back at home, my husband, Dean, called me to the kitchen window to watch a squirrel rolling around in a flower pot full of dirt.  Rolling and rolling and rolling like a dog in the grass.  Aunt Suzie watched it, too.  Like a bird in a birdbath.  A squirrel bath!  How funny!


Then it hit me, if tough love could hold the world together, why not just roll around in the the super sticky stuff and cover oursleves with in?  Like that squirrel. 

Then something else struck me: “chewing on it” means to think something over, and my storying mind imagined the squirrel hearing me talk about "rolling with it," and then chewing on the concept of “sticky love." 

I imagined the same squirrel scampering over to our house to perform a pantomime outside out window - telling me to roll “IN it” instead of roll “WITH it.”  If I cover myself with super glue, with Strong Love, could I hold the world together?  What a silly thought! 


Tough Love!  I thought of my grandmothers.  Both Grandma Case and Gram Nads were tough on us kidsGrandma Case made me practice the piano and made me eat my peas... because she taught Home Ecomomics at the University... and peas were supposed to be good for me.  Gram Nads made me clean up my room and made sure I used good manners.

They were both tough, however, there was another side to them.  Grandma Case gave me a magazine subscription to Ranger Rick and taught me about birds,wildflowers, nature, and poetry. 

Gram Nads
taught me games, crafts, and cooking.  She taught me to bake special treats... like her Sunday morning strawberry popovers... and her custard-filled cream puffs.  She was a whirlwind in the kitchen. 

All in all, our grandmothers
taught us that there was a time for work... and a time for play.  If you watch squirrels, you will notice they also teach us how to balance work and play.

I was so sad when my tough loving grandmas passed away.


As for that squirrel, what was he chewing on?
In their natural habitats tree squirrels eat a variety of foods including fungi, insects, grubs, bird eggs and young birds, pine nuts, and acorns, plus a wide variety of other seeds, nuts, dried corn, fruits, twigs, buds, bark, leaves, pine cones, roots, and mushrooms. And on occasion -- almonds, English and black walnuts, oranges, avocados, apples, apricots, and a variety of other plants. During ground foraging they may feed on strawberries, tomatoes, corn, and other crops. And don't forget dog food, table scraps and whatever else smells good!  Hmmm, I wonder, do they like chocolate?  Let's scroll on down...
Do you know why squirrels are so smart?  Click here for the answer, however, please promise to return from the sidepath and continue along this trail...
Do you know what was that dirt bath all about?
In addition to tongue baths, some animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, take dust baths. The animal looks for a spot where the soil is either sandy or powdery dry. Then it lies down, rolls about, kicks out its legs, pulls itself in circles, and finishes the bath with a leap and a shake. This dust bath helps to remove parasites from the animal.  Read more about
 Nature's Bath Time.

Or continue to the next day's walk.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how nutty are you (10 is really nutty)?
What is the nuttiest thing you have ever done?


Write a squirrel story with just three sentences, so that you have a beginning, middle, and an end.   Each sentence should have no more than 140 character or less?  If you like, share your story on twitter (post in reverse order for readability.  Share by marking with hashtag #squirrelwit) 

To learn more about Nature's clues - follow the path to Natural Detectives.

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