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Friday, December 9, 2011 and it's 60 degrees outdoors... It's a Lemonade Day! hmmm... If you give a mouse a cookie, will he want a glass of lemonade to go with it?

After many months, organic lemons are back in season at Trader Joe’s.  Monday I bought a bag of six lemons for $1.99.  This morning I pulled out one of the lemons to make lemon tea.  As I placed the lemon down on the cutting board, I looked out the window and saw a path of light stretching across the back yard.

Naturally curious, I went outside, still in my pajamas, to follow the trail.  The path of light ended in the flower garden by the porch and illuminated a plant marker...

I cleaned the dirt off the plant marker and read the words...

LUSCIOUS LEMONADE.  Luscious lemonade reminded me of a poem I had written maybe ten years ago.  The poem was tucked away in my writing desk.  I went to look for it, and quickly found it.

                FROZEN LEMONADE

                Splishy Splushy slishy slushy

                Delish-lushy Lemonade,

                Lemons chosen, freshly squozen,

                partly frozen, heaven-made.

I thought back to last Monday, the day I bought the organic lemons, because that same day, I took a big bottle of Trader Joe’s Lemonade in to share with my afterschool walking club. 

After eating a snack and drinking lemonade, we went outdoors and walked around the school block a couple of times. 

Then we returned to the classroom and spent fifteen minutes playing on the computers.  I found the Lemonade Stand Game and showed it to my group.  Through hands-on learning, this game teaches you the business of running a lemonade stand.  It takes a lot of practice to get good at it.

The path of light leading to the words LUSCIOUS LEMONADE this morning was an amazing coincidence.  Thinking about it gives me chills, because going even further back in time, there is a lot more to this lemonade story. 

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