Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting June 25 from 9:30-11am. Each walk begins with a short playful story and lesson. Then walkers journey out on a mindfully chosen path and each take on an age-appropriate field assignment.

Storywalkers will learn how to identify plant forms (i.e., poison
ivy, wild herbs, trees), how to respect insect life (i.e., ticks, bees,
spiders), and how the building blocks of life (atoms, molecules,
DNA, seeds) operate.  The objective of netwalking is to develop
an enhanced awareness of nature’s lessons and synchronicities
and to learn how those guide us in creating, growing, healing
and sustaining the physical and spiritual well-being of ourselves and the world around us. One of the greatest benefits of these Netwalking events are the new friendships and fun stories that develop from engaging with one another and connecting with nature. Details and sign-ups below.
Ages 3-99.
Please come prepared. Bring your own water bottle.  Dress for the
weather. Practice good skin care, by a wearing long-sleeved shirt,
long pants and socks, applying a "safe" bug spray to avoid tick
and mosquito bites; and wearing a brimmed hat or applying a natural/non-toxic sunscreen on your face, neck and hands.
Special note: bathroom facilities are not always available.

Shady Walk – Wednesday, June 25, 9:30-11:00 am
Glenwood Cemetery, corner of Middle and Cedar

Some plants prefer to grow in the sun, while others prefer darkness. Trees help to create shady areas and protect certain plants from the overwhelming heat of the sun. The word shady also has a secret meaning. Could there be a secret ancient wisdom closely guarded by the trees? Through the power of story and observation, we will learn to identify sycamore, cedar and linden. This is a fabulous introduction to Netwalking and Storywalker. Come join with the forces of nature by becoming a secret environmental agent. 

                                                                          Story: The Peaceful Warrior

Wildflower Walk – Tuesday, July 1, 9:30-11:00 am
Scalloptown Park, Crompton Ave. parking lot
Flowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. What makes each flower unique?  How are flowering plants used to create healing products?  Come collect flowers and learn how to identify these wild plants and research their uses.
                                                                         Story: The Game of “Clue”

Edible Plants - Wednsday, July 2, 9:30-11:00 am
Cedar Avenue, Cole School parking lot
Inchworms rely on tree leaves for food, while other insects eat weeds and garden vegetables. Come hunt for herbivorous insects and learn to identify some common and tasty weeds that are safe for humans to harvest and prepare for food, including wild raspberries.

                                                                        Story: Dandy Lion

Fresh Air - Tuesday, July 8, 9:30-11:00 am
Hannaford School Playground, 200 Middle Road
Just like people need air to live and grow, plants need air to live and grow. What is air?  How do your study something that is invisible? We will play games with air and then actually draw pictures that help to describe it.
                                                                        Story: Dizzy

Walking the Land - Tuesday, July 22, 9:30-11:00 am
Goddard Park, Ives Road, beach lot

Early colonists cleared the Potowomut area for farmland. Wind blew the dry soil (dust) from the deforested fields and into the bay.  A new landowner rescued the land and the cove by walking around and planting thousands of seedlings throughout the property to stop the erosion.
We will follow in his footsteps to study the land along the shore, erosion, and the many important roles of trees and plants. We will engage in some creative play with wooden toothpicks and clay to begin exploring the creation of plant forms.
                                                                       Story: Nature’s Medicine Chest

Stay tuned for information about sessions to follow.

These field programs are offered FREE of charge. We hope you can  support these programs through an exchange of gifts - cash donations in exchange for our educational material, books, and audios.

Weather updates will appear on our NETWALKING facebook page.  Please contact Wendy to learn more about these outdoor programs – 884-8505 or

Facilitation available upon request - Participants will learn networking skills while exploring various career opportunities in Human Ecology, Education, Health, and related fields, including Finance and Economic Development.  Private sector jobs relating to the environment will present many opportunities to lead Rhode Island’s economic growth over the next 30 years.  By sharing stories, interests, knowledge, ideas, and personal contacts, we will engage ourselves in working together to improve the world in which we live.

Each session will begin with personal introductions and the sharing of brief stories to help to teach various approaches to networking.
Facilitator: Wendy Fachon, MBA, Certified in RIPQA for Youth Work.  Over a span of 35 years, Wendy has held positions of high responsibility in publishing, financial services, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.  She has built her own extensive web of personal connections through involvement in various industries and numerous networking associations.

If you want more information, please contact Wendy Fachon at 884-1559 or Netwalking programs are free of charge unless otherwise noted.


Wendy offers afterschool enrichment program training for facilitators working with all ages.  The concept of a "Walking Classroom" promotes experiential learning, which gives context to the standard learning that happens during the school day, and therefore strengthens academic engagement.

STORYWALKER (Ages 5-12) is supported with audio material for children learning to read and master the basics of math.
Older elementary ages focus on developing communication skills - conversation, interviewing, creative writing, and social media.  In this program, students participate in a few presentations given by business owners

NETWALKING (12+) is about connecting career professionals with potential interns.  It can also be used as a no-cost casual approach to improve a company's internal communications, creative problem solving,  employee morale, and overall corporate wellness.    Please contact us for assistance in scheduling and organizing a local Netwalking event leadership training.

This is a prime opportunity for students to develop networking and interviewing skills.

P.O. Box 2221
East Greenwich, RI  02818


If your business, town, club, or organiza- tion has scheduled a special hike or fundraising walk, please let us know, so that we can help publicize the event and/or the cause here on our calendar.  You can also share news and events with other Netwalkers on our facebook wall or tweet to us on twitter (using #netwalkri hash tag) and provide a link. 
If you love to walk and you love to meet people, come visit period-
ically to find out about all the various fundraising walks and runs sponsored by Rhode Island's local health and education organizations.  These groups need our support, and it's a great way to network.

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